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Welcome To Metropolitan Swimming Inc.
Mission:  Metropolitan Swimming shall promote, develop and improve competitive swimming through education, support and opportunities for participation to a diverse swimming community.

Vision:  To inspire and provide quality opportunities for our members to achieve excellence in the sport of competitive swimming.

Metropolitan Swimming, Inc. (Metro - MR) is a Local Swim Committee (LSC) member of USA-Swimming. Metro is a non-profit organization whose objectives and primary purpose shall be the education, instruction and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming. Metro shall promote swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities, in accordance with the standards, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of FINA, USA Swimming, and Metro and its Articles/Certificate of Incorporation.  Read more . . .

September House of Delegates Meeting
Saturday, September 19 - 10:00 AM
Lehman College - 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West - Bronx

This is a MANDATORY meeting for all clubs. You must have at least one non-athlete representative and one athlete representative 13 and over that are members in good standing with Metropolitan Swimming and registered with your club. Registration will be confirmed at the meeting.

Please bring with you:

       - Club registration application and registration fee
       - Club information form - important that all email addresses are current
       - Club By-laws if they have been changed in the last year
September 1, 2015
Updates to Athlete Protection Training for non-Athlete Members
USA-Swimming has added a new online APT Renewal course. Here is information on which course to take.

Athlete Protection Training New Member Course

    -   This is the original APT that was released in 2011

    -   Required for all new members

    -   Must be completed in order to become a non-athlete member

    -   Satisfies APT Requirement for 24 months

Athlete Protection Training Renewal Course

    -   This is a new course is now available

    -   It is a 40-minute, scenario based course

    -   It will be required of all renewing non-athlete members when their current APT certification expires

    -   For members whose APT certification expires in 2015, the deadline to renew is 12/31/15.

    -   The requirement will be good for 24 months from 12/31/15

Link to online courses:  www.usaswimming.org/protect
August 15, 2015
USA-Swimming Announces "SwimStaffSelect"
USA-Swimming has introduced  SwimStaffSelect, an online human resources tool available FREE as a member service to all of our coaches and clubs! User Guide
August 15, 2015
Presentations of the 2015 USA-Swimming LSC Safety Workshop in Denver
The LSC Safety Chairs workshop, which was held June 26-27 in Denver, included several outstanding  presentations  by guests and committee members. Coaches especially take a look at several presentations about Hypoxic Training, Unsafe Breath Holding, and Shallow Water Blackout.
July 26, 2015
USA-Swimming Coaching Background Check Is Taking Longer
Due to more in-depth checks the USA-Swimming background check coaches must take every two years is now taking longer, in some cases 3 to 4 weeks. Coaches, please renew your background check at least a month before the expiration date!
July 9, 2015
Link to a great article that was written by Swimming World Magazine about the great work that Eddie Oyola and his Metro Swim League made up of Boys & Girls Club Teams in the NY and NJ area has done to diversify the sport of swimming. Article

June 12, 2015

During the House of Delegates meeting at the September 2015 convention, USA Swimming will remember those individuals who have passed away since last year's convention. Jim Sheehan will recite the name of each individual and his / her involvement in swimming and place a flower into a vase in memory of that person.

Please email the name of the person who has passed away to Sandy Vollmer at  svollmer@usaswimming.org, and include picture and if an athlete, coach, official, and / or volunteer.

LEAP program description

Web site updates
- Help Wanted (9/4)

- Clubs / Teams (9/4)

- Distance Meet Form (9/3)

- 2015-2016 Calendar (9/3)

- MD & AO (9/1)

- final LC Top-25 (8/27)

- Metro Records (8/26)

- final LC IMX Top-25 (8/20)

- Coach Membership Requirements (updated Aug-18)

- 2016 Registration Forms (8/17)

- Safe Sport (8/15)

- BoD Minutes (8/10)

- Calendar (7/26)

- Summer meet travel reimbursement forms (6/11)

Metro 2016 Olympic Trial Qualifiers
Maggie Aroesty
Gunther Cassell
Ben Cono
Carly Cummings
Kate Douglass
Anina Lund
Shane McNamara
John Nunez
Metro Alumni
Michael Domagala
Ryan Feeley
En-Wei Hu-Van Wright
Thomas Luchsinger
Drew Modrov
Lia Neal
Blair Wegescheide

College swimmers in Metro

Mike Alexandrov
Anna Belousova
Patrick Conaton
Jimmy Feigen
Eric Friedland
Zane Grothe
Josh Hall
Brian Hogan
Zach McGinnis
Cody Miller
Bronwyn Pasloski
David Plummer
Megan Romano
Josh Schneider
Derek Toomey
Darian Townsend
Kim Vandenberg
Lindsay Vrooman
James Wells
Chris Szekely

Meet Directors

All Meet Info
and a full backup of Meet Results must be emailed to:
Monique Grayson

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